Intex Technologies

There are new things happening at Intex! We could not be more pleased to announce that we can now add laser steel cutting to our list of in-house capabilities. We believe this new service offering is going to be a game-changer for our customers, which is why we are so excited to share more about this new machine and how it can improve your next project!

It’s called the Bescutter Space Saver 510 - a fiber laser, metal sheet cutting machine. Our 5x10 model is designed perfectly for small runs, and has the capability of cutting ¾” carbon steel, as well as stainless steel, brass and aluminum. Fiber laser cutting is one of the best laser cutting technologies available today for material processing applications, and is widely recognized for its reliability and precision.  

In the past, metal cutting has been a service we have had to outsource, which has sometimes meant additional lead time and costs for our clients’ projects. While we specialize in manufacturing polyurethane foam products at Intex, many of the products we produce require specialized, metal inserts before they can be sent to foam molds. Now that we have all the necessary machinery needed to create these types of parts under one roof, we are going to be able to save our customers valuable time and money on their future projects. Along with laser cutting, we also have in-house brake-press and welding capabilities. This simplifies the production line process even further, and contributes to improving project lead-time, communication, and customization potential.

We believe expanding our in-house capabilities falls right in line with our company’s mission: to provide our customers innovative, high quality products along with a spirit of collaboration. Having in-house laser metal cutting allows our experienced, creative team of engineers to work more collaboratively with our clients, by allowing them to work together more effectively on minor design change ideas. This potential for more efficient collaboration and customization will lead to better, more cost-effective products for our customers.

We know that in order to continue to provide the highest quality products and services for our clients, we are going to have to continue thinking towards the future and investing in tools that support the vision and needs of the people we are serving. Bringing the Bescutter Space Saver 510 into our space and being able to offer our customers fiber laser metal cutting is a huge step in that direction! We believe there’s always a way, big or small, to continue improving on what exists. Offering laser steel cutting not only helps us, at Intex, continue pursuing that goal as a manufacturer, but will also help our customers realize that goal as they work through the fabrication process.
Do you have an upcoming project that might require laser metal cutting? Maybe you have questions about how laser metal cutting works or how it can benefit your next project. We’d love to connect with you!

While you may have never heard of polyurethane foam, you have definitely experienced its benefits. Whether from the comfort of your bed mattress or the inserts protecting your online purchases, you come in contact with polyurethane foam more often than you think. In fact, you are likely sitting on polyurethane foam right now; it's found in most couches and cushioned chairs. 

Polyurethane foam is a versatile, multipurpose cellular structure that provides both durability and comfort. Polyurethane foam has many applications in the marketplace and is a go-to component in everything from home furnishings to packaging inserts. With over 1.5 billion pounds of foam produced and used yearly in America alone, polyurethane foam is an increasingly popular choice among designers that meets a swath of needs across industries. 

How is polyurethane foam made?

Polyurethane foam is a polymer produced from mixing two chemicals: polyols and diisocyanates. 

Polyols and diisocyanates are molecules that, when combined, produce a strong reaction resulting in a long chain molecule that creates what we know as polyurethane foam. Depending on the intended application of the foam, different mixtures can be used to attain different densities. Paint can also be mixed to give the foam a very even color. Through the use of molds and inserts, the polyurethane foam takes the shape of the products you see everyday, like the armrest of your desk chair.

Why polyurethane foam? 

Polyurethane foam continues to be a preferred material of many manufacturers, offering many uses and benefits.

At Intex, we are proud to provide high-quality polyurethane foam to our customers across the consumer and commercial sectors. With years of experience and quality customer service, we will provide sustainable, durable solutions for your next project.