Intex produces an extensive range of molded polyurethane foam products. We work with our raw material suppliers (chemistry and pigments) to develop formulations to meet customer specific needs.

Multiple rotary machines are available with single or multi cavity molds, depending on part design and customer need. Low volume, high mix machines are capable of running a variety of color and foam chemistries.

The urethane metering and mixing systems are based on industry leading high and low pressure technologies, and includes robot positioning of the mixing head for accurate adherence to custom pour patterns.

Intex offers prototyping services for the development and testing of parts prior to going into full production.

Intex offers highly engineered proprietary formulations of a Polyether MDI based integral skin foam. This is a highly engineered, proprietary formulation exclusively used by Intex. Eccolast™ is a polyether MDI-based integral skin foam. Compliant with CAL117 flammability requirements and 2017 EPA compliant. Eccolast’s™ unique feel and durability is ideal for use in office furniture, automotive interiors and many other comfort surface applications. The water borne in-mold coat system is rated green by MBDC for cradle to cradle certification. Eccolast passes Indoor Advantage Testing. What is Cradle to Cradle® Certification? Cradle to Cradle® Certification is a rigorous and comprehensive certification program that evaluates products and materials for human health, environmental health and recyclability. The objective is to leave a “positive footprint” on the planet rather than just reducing a negative footprint, by implementing the Cradle to Cradle® framework.

Intex resources include automated rotary table and racetrack systems with full computer control of the metering and recipe management systems. Robots are used for the application of mold release and for in mold coating spray with rapid change out of paint guns.

As a custom molder, Intex is able to produce any integral skin or flexible foam part that fits within the dimensions of the molding lines available.

Primarily a manufacturer of integral skin polyurethane foam products, Intex also offers the ability to manufacture molded flexible foam products such as seat backs and cushions.

  Intex can be a one stop source by providing value added assembly.

  Intex offers a prototyping service for the development and testing of parts prior to going into full production. A universal mold carrier has been designed to fit the Intex production systems so that all testing can be carried out on real-time production systems.

  Intex provides on time delivery. We are able to reduce inventory and logistic expenses for our customers. We deliver to some of our major customers up to 5 times per day