What is in that vase? Is it dirt, no.. Is it a first generation product… no! Earth Day 2018 is Sunday April 22nd. Intex Technologies would like to take the opportunity to express how we are doing our part for the environment by initiating our Zero Landfill Initiative for 2018. As a manufacturer in polyurethane I-skin foam products, we have historically created a large quantity of scrap material that ended up in a landfill. As a team, we decided we needed to do better! Starting January 1, 2018 none of our scrap material has found its way to the landfill. Instead, we invested in a machine that grinds our unused material into 8mm granules and are working with companies across the country to create a circular economy. So what is in that vase?? It is ground up scrap material that has been turned into a staple piece of the arrangement. The opportunities are endless for what the repurposed material can be used for including packaging, padding, insulation, noise dampening and product fillers to name a few.  “The most important thing that Earth Day represents is a bright line between the old and new environmental movements.” – Earth Day Network’s President Kathleen Rogers.